Best Tips for Keeping Squirrels Out

Outwitting Squirrels is a tricky business, and you had better be well prepared. They are ingenious, acrobatic and do not give up easily. They eat a lot and well if you let them, they will finish all the birdseed in your feeders if you hadn’t already noticed.

 Here are a Few Effective Tips for Keeping Squirrels Out:

  • Although this may sound a little mischievous, it is nonetheless a brilliant strategy—get your neighbor a bird feeder and watch as the little furries are redirected towards their garden. Obviously, you would get them a non-squirrel proof feeder!
  • A lot of people have adopted this next option, and it has worked wonders. Start putting out a feeder with nuts just for the squirrels and I guarantee they will leave your other feeders alone.
  • Keep a dog around and no squirrels will dare attack your feeders. However, this only works well for dog owners!
  • If you choose to hang your feeders, then try and ensure that you use a thin, long wire, like a piano wire. Also, ensure that the feeder is at least 4 feet above the garden floor. The thinner the wire, the more it will sway and the lesser the chances that squirrels will be able to climb down to your feeder.
  • If you’re feeder is mounted on a pole, you should ensure that the pole is at least 5 feet long ( a foot into the ground) and you should also add a baffle, either above, below or both above and below. Also, it is important that you replace your baffles often, since the more they are scratched, the more chances that squirrels can hang from them and get around them.
  • There are some great squirrel proof feeders in the market today, which you could install, read more about them here. I am personally a fan of the feeders where the weight of the squirrel forces the feeding ports to shut, thus successfully barricading them from getting any seed. Most of these squirrel proof feeders have a screw that can also be adjusted to allow or deny varying weights of birds so that you can keep out undesirable birds.
  • You could also mix in pepper and chili additives into your seed, but in my experience, this only works about half the time.
  • Another option is to have cats around. They keep a good vigil and make great pets in of themselves, plus they don’t require much pampering at all.
  • For the raccoons, a slightly different approach than the baffle is required. Mount a thicker, piece of the pole about 2 feet long on top of and around your existing pole; they will be stumped, as they can climb, but they can’t jump.

Pick and see which suggestions work best for you. As always, a squirrel proof feeder works great, but there are, as I’ve mentioned many inexpensive fixes as well. Good luck and God speed for your fight against the furry monster!