About Me

Hey guys, My name is Miranda Hicks and I am from the county of Redding in California. I have two beautiful little children; a gorgeous little girl, Tara who turns six this year and an older boy, Chris who is 10 years old. My husband runs an export trade and keeps busy a lot, while I am a full time home maker and 100% dedicated to the care of my children and my birds.

Redding is absolutely beautiful and its wildlife and water bodies, including the Sacramento river that courses through the city attract a rich diversity of birds. Although, the natural beauty of the place does help in attracting all kinds of beautiful birds, it is a whole different ball game to attract birds into your garden and keep them coming back season after season and year after year. I have been fascinated with birds since I was a little girl, and could barely walk upright. As my mother recalls, I would spend my early days crawling around in the mud in our backyard, making chirping noises and trying to catch birds that were perched feeding on the grass. As you can probably guess, I never did catch any, and it wasn’t until much later that I understood the subtle art of attracting their attention.

Over the years, I have used all kinds of bird feeders, including all kinds of squirrel proof bird feeders as well as seed and other relevant bird products to attract the widest variety into my garden and backyard. My passion for bird feeding, over the years has attracted me a lot of attention and questions in my neighborhood, not only from friends, but also from friends of friends who live a while way.  This is why I chose to make my expertise and knowledge from experience spanning over 25 years available online so that everyone could benefit and enjoy attracting beautiful birds into their gardens and homes.

Good luck and God Bless,