Best Tips for Placing your Bird Feeders

Placing your feeders can be challenging and daunting at first. A few days have gone by, and no birds are visiting, you could try the following:

  • Make sure the feeder is visible. Sometimes you need to do a little advertising!
  • Sprinkle seed around the area next to the feeder.
  • Place your feeders close to shelter and trees. This provides resting ground and room for play for the birds. Not too close; since squirrels can easily jump and reach them.
  •  Use a pole, but make sure the pole is at least 5 feet long (4 feet above the ground), so it is hard for squirrels to get at the feeder. Also, be sure to install a baffle either, above or below, or on top as well as below as an added precaution.
  • Use a wire to hang your feeders is another great option. However, you should preferably use a thin wire, like a piano wire. Thin wires, sway more, making it harder for squirrels to get to your feeders.
  • Place water bowls or carries close by; this provides an added incentive for the birds to visit.
  • If space is an issue and you live in an apartment building, but love to feed birds, read more here.
  • Make sure the feeder is clean and dry and the seed is fresh. It is important that you keep your feeder clean at all times. Most feeders come apart pretty easily these days, so washing them thoroughly is not a problem.
  • If they haven’t arrived in more than a few days, then maybe it’s the plants. You could consult a local Audobon chapter or write to me and I will be happy to guide you.

Apart from these few suggestions, just walk around and enjoy the adventure of picking an attractive spot that you think is suitable.  I promise you; it is more than exciting to see the variety of birds you can invite.